Have You Watched Pro Coverage?

Every sport has a top level no matter how recreational the sport might seem and at the highest level of any sport, there are players that do things that are thought of as impossible to most of us. A level that enthusiasts and fans can connect with but can only dream of achieving. Players that have a huge impact on how we play and even sometimes what we throw. Disc golf has just such a level.

I tried watching pro coverage when I first started disc golf because I am the type of person that likes seeing what’s possible at the highest level. I have grown up playing and watching many different sports and no matter how much better the athletes were than myself, there was always something to be learned from watching professionals. The down side was….well, the coverage in 2014 was pretty rough compared to the professional coverage I was used to as a sports fan.

JomezPro Best Disc Golf Shots of 2019 - Kona Panis

Fast forward to March 2020, I am just shaking the rust off of about two years away from the sport so I looked up a bunch of technique videos. Rounds and rounds of professional coverage started finding their way into my suggested video stream on YouTube and with COVID-19 just settling in, I had a lot of free time. I watched one round, then ten more, then 10-20 more after that. It was an endless supply but more impressive was that the quality of the coverage had improved by about 100 times since I’d last watched.

Jomez Pro, GK Pro, Gatekeeper Media, The Disc Golf Guy, Par Save Productions, The Spin TV, Central Coast Disc Golf, Ace Run Pro and more are all small production companies that film and produce truly awesome coverage of the best players on earth playing the nicest courses on earth week after week. With multiple cards in all rounds of tournaments being filmed, the coverage feels truly complete. The best part is, it’s all available free on YouTube for watching on your TV via smartTV, console etc. All production companies have patreons and ways to support should you want to contribute!

OTB Tour Skins #20 | F9 | Innova Course | Las Vegas Challenge - YouTube

Watching pro coverage can be an invaluable teaching resource. It shows players what is possible with an advanced to elite level skill set. There are just so many things players of any skill level can pull from watching endless rounds of perfect technique being applied to the coolest courses on earth. What I really liked about it at first however was watching the professionals with perfect technique hit the first available tree, toss their drive 60ft into the water or hit the band from 10ft away. It gave me a better outlook on the game knowing bad things can happen to every player, we are all human.

That really only scratches the surface. The social media push in the whole disc golf world has been huge the last few years with every year being bigger than the last. Players once had to order footage of championship level events, now fans of the sport get coverage of multiple rounds from every event available next-day. Additionally players can find pro level skins matches, practice rounds, what’s in the bag videos and a lot of other content available. More disc golfers are showcasing their great personalities and positive life outlooks in addition to their disc golf skills so be sure to check out the individual social media of the players that interest you.

Professional disc golf might not be and likely never will be at the same level as the major sports but our sport is growing at a much faster pace than ever before. The sport saw it’s first million dollar contract and then it’s first 10-million dollar contract in a short span. With all of that, the coverage continues to get better and better each year. Better cameras, graphics and commentary done mostly by the players that always leans on the lighter side of things.

WATCH: Garrett Gurthie Aces 432′ Par 4 - DISC GOLF NEWS FEED

Whether it is seeing Garrett Gurthie throw an albatross ace on a par 4, Paul McBeth lacing a headwind putt from 65ft like it’s child’s play, kid Canada himself; Thomas Gilbert throwing in from 180ft or another possible million scenarios, finding the time to see what the pros can do with the same discs we all have in our bags, is something every disc golfer should look into on some level. What have you got to lose? It’s free.

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