What Is Disc Golf Etiquette?

Disc golf if one of the most relaxed sports out there to play in each and every way. Part of what gives the sport that allure is the etiquette and conduct involved that have been written into the sport from the beginning.

Learning the ropes, dos, don’ts, rights, wrongs and never-evers of a new sport can be intimidating for anyone. Never mind just sports, the whole “this is new” learning curve applies everywhere for all of us. New schools, new jobs, new relationships, new cities and many other new things can involve some time to get settled, it’s only natural. That said, those on new soil always need to do their due diligence to get the lay of the land and adapt to their new surroundings to succeed.

We wanted to repost some of our favourite resources for helping new players get accustomed to the ins and outs of conduct on the course. Let’s get it started with our favourite NO B.S type teacher; Scott Stokely!

Additional info

For those that prefer to read instead of watch or just for additional info, please see the following links for a lot more detail on the subject.

Lastly, we would like to add a very simple top 10 list of our own that doesn’t require a lot of detail

  1. Wait for pedestrians at all times, if you aren’t 100% sure, wait longer
  2. Don’t litter, everything you brought in, you bring out
  3. Let quicker players / groups play through
  4. If you are playing music, keep the volume reasonable and profanity minimal
  5. Don’t turn away from your shots, watch your disc until it stops moving
  6. If you are smoking, vaping etc, do it where it does not affect other players
  7. Know the basic rules of the game and always be actively trying to learn more
  8. Call or text the number if you find a disc, leaving it in a basket doesn’t help
  9. Do not speak suddenly or make a loud noise when another player is throwing
  10. Dogs are welcome but please ensure they are leashed, behaved and cleaned up after

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