SNDG Social media?

These days, the world seems to operate through social media but websites are still a crucial part of the internet world. Chasing information down on various social media platforms can be a task, especially now with a building population trying to unplug themselves from the worlds of Facebook, Instagram etc. For a long time in fact, it seemed like if you weren’t on Facebook, you would get no information as it became the major highway with websites being seen as obsolete to some.

We have chosen to do a hub-style website so that anyone and everyone out there can access all the information about disc golf taking place above the mighty Lake Superior in one spot. No need for an account or logging into anything, just simply stop by, get what you need, hang out a bit and all without needing to sift through a newsfeed or clutter.

Social media platforms also take more work to properly maintain than most people think so the decision was simple to only devote our volunteer time to a single hub type resource. Those however that would like to get more involved with Thunder Bay Disc Golf are definitely welcome in the Birch Point Disc Golf Course group that covers not just BPDGC but all things Thunder Bay DG related.

The BPDG group is a great way to find other locals to play with, ask questions about local courses or even put up a post about a disc that sailed its way into Boulevard Lake! See you there!

See you at the BPDGC Facebook page!

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