Tips Of The Month: June 2021

Our tip of the month for the month of June is a good one. This month, we dedicate our links to teaching players how to buy the right discs for their skill level and needs.

First, before buying discs, players should fully understand what the flight numbers related to each disc mean and how those numbers apply to various skill levels. Many videos explain the flight numbers but we have included a couple of our favourites. After that, we will include links that include the explanation of overstable / understable and how to select the best discs for you!

It’s part of most disc golfer’s journeys to buy many discs that don’t work out but it’s also part of the trial and error process. Just remember, don’t always sell off or trade discs that don’t work out at first as they could very well come in handy down the road when your skill level progresses.

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