New PDGA Rules For 2022 – MUST READ!

The rules of disc golf change slightly or are at least reworded here and there more often than most might think so it is always a good idea to have a look on the PDGA page every year to stay informed. Usually these changes are fairly mild and often just involve clarifying the wording in current rules to eliminate loopholes and/or confusion. It’s safe to say that some players may not even be overly affected by many of the small annual fixes that we see every year. However…..

In 2022 however, there were some gigantic changes made that will 100% affect every player every time they step on the course. ALL PLAYERS very much need to take the time to review these new rules because most players are likely to come across a few of them in pretty much every round.

Remember competitive or casual, it is every player’s responsibility to have a good grasp on at least disc golf’s core rules and to be constantly learning new rules just as we learn new skills. This year is definitely a year of big changes so if any players need any clarification after the following links, please do ask your local TD before playing in your next event or league night.

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