Am I ready for a tournament?

Almost every disc golf community has tournaments and / or events taking place several times every year. These events exist for a variety of reasons from raising money for course maintenance to giving the community fun reasons to gather and more. Events range from leagues, sanctioned / non-sanctioned tournaments, ace races, putting leagues and many other formats but they all have one thing in common; there is always a place for any skill range or level of experience.

It can be easy to know about the things happening in your community and then sit on the fence wanting to be involved but maybe being a little intimidated by the idea for any number of good reasons. We have talked to so many players over the years that had questions and misconceptions about competition. Let’s clear some of that up!

I don’t think I am good enough to play in tournaments yet

Many players believe that competing immediately means that they will be out there throwing against all the best players in the region but this is very much misunderstood. Most tournaments have a variety of divisions for varying skill sets and levels of experience. There are many resources out there on how to choose your division but we are also here to help, all local players can feel free to reach out to us anytime via our contact form. We have had people playing no more than 6 months enter events and have a great time. For many, disc golf tournaments aren’t always about the score but they are always about having a great time. We have opened our sanctioned MA4 and FA4 Novice protected divisions.

Do I need to know all the PDGA rules to compete?

Certainly not! While all players competing in any event should have at least the basic rules of disc golf in mind, there is just too much to learn all at once. There are many resources across Google, YouTube and other platforms that explain all the rules that newer players should know before entering their first event. To make it easier, most local players are very approachable and know the rules pretty well so never hesitate to ask. For those needing a bit more in-depth rule assistance, SNDG events always have several PDGA-certified officials on-site and available via our contact form. We have added a link below to explain a few of the must-know rules to know before heading out to compete!

Are there divisions for seniors?

Yes! We have been running our MA40 (40+) division for a good while and it has become quite popular. We have recently had requests to open our MA50 (50+) division in the coming events which we have decided to do. These are age protected divisions that sometimes carry a reduced event price. There are divisions up to MA70 that can be opened upon request which we will open if they come in.

What is the difference between sanctioned and non-sanctioned events?

Most of the time, in the disc golf world, sanctioned means that the tournament has been “approved” by the PDGA. In this case the event will maybe be a bit more official feeling and the scores get recorded on the PDGA event page but generally they aren’t very different. There aren’t that many differences between the two however as they do normally use the exact same rules. Where the differences in event feel start is when the sanctioning tiers go up from C to B and B to A and above to pro series events.

“Do I need a PDGA membership to compete?”

Well, yes and no. The majority of the sanctioned events we have in our community are C-Tier which does not require a PDGA membership. However, players looking to play A and B-tier events (like the NOC) will need a current PDGA membership to do so. Players playing a sanctioned C-Tier event without a PDGA membership will simply have to pay an additional $10.00 PDGA insurance fee at the time of registration. For non-sanctioned events, nothing is needed except for the actual entry fee. For our post on whether or not a PDGA membership is for you, smash HERE!

“How long do tournaments take?”

It really depends on the event, the size of the field and a lot more but generally tournaments do require a fairly sizeable time commitment for 1-3 days depending on the event duration. Some events feature two rounds in a day, some just one. Most events will post an accurate schedule somewhere for clarification. To get a feel for a tournament length round, head out in a card of four players playing by the full set of rules (OB etc). Tournaments can also add a little time to rounds with group backups and other factors.

“What do I need to bring to the course for a tournament or event?”

Apart from whatever discs you may need and perhaps a couple back up discs just in case, 2-3 disc golf towels, players generally bring snacks like granola bars, trail mix, jerky, power bars etc just in case. Bringing water, a hat, sun screen, bug spray, maybe a small first aid kit, rain jacket / umbrella, extra shoes and really anything you might take on any long outdoor day trip. Oh and always bring as much water as possible! We have added a link below to go a little further.

“What kind of things can players win?”

With tournaments, amateur players are always well compensated with prizes whereas professional divisions play for cash only. When playing in amateur divisions, the top 40-45% of each division is guaranteed to win something! We also add in random draws, prizes for early registration and more. For some events, there will be a players pack made up of anything from smaller items to discs, shirts and more. Many events also have mini games like longest drive, fun putting games and closest-to-the-pin (aka CTP) challenges.

“How do I register for disc golf events?”

Many events have moved to a convenient online service called Disc Golf Scene for their registrations. For those without a credit card or PayPal, events will often also have registration at a local disc golf store which in Thunder Bay is The Loop! If you see an event listed on our website that you cannot figure out how to register for, please contact us ASAP via our contact form and we will help to guide you through the process or just provide the missing details.

If there is any question under the sun that you might have before playing your first event please do reach out and ask. There are no dumb questions and across our staff here there is no disc golf related question we cannot answer. We do however suggest checking google, youtube and the PDGA website first as they typically can answer just about anything. All local-event-specific questions are definitely welcome 24-7.


  • Events are all inclusive from kids to seniors of all skill levels
  • You will have help with rules and many other areas of the game, just ask!
  • Be confident that you will compete with others in the same skill level
  • Events are always a friendly, fun and welcoming experience
  • There really isn’t that much of a difference between casual and competitive disc golf if you play your casual rounds even just having the rules in mind

Here are a few of our favourite links on playing your first event!

New PDGA Rules For 2022 – MUST READ!

The rules of disc golf change slightly or are at least reworded here and there more often than most might think so it is always a good idea to have a look on the PDGA page every year to stay informed. Usually these changes are fairly mild and often just involve clarifying the wording in current rules to eliminate loopholes and/or confusion. It’s safe to say that some players may not even be overly affected by many of the small annual fixes that we see every year. However…..

In 2022 however, there were some gigantic changes made that will 100% affect every player every time they step on the course. ALL PLAYERS very much need to take the time to review these new rules because most players are likely to come across a few of them in pretty much every round.

Remember competitive or casual, it is every player’s responsibility to have a good grasp on at least disc golf’s core rules and to be constantly learning new rules just as we learn new skills. This year is definitely a year of big changes so if any players need any clarification after the following links, please do ask your local TD before playing in your next event or league night.

2023 Thunder Bay Event Schedule!

Header image w logo
May 20The Spring Disc Golf Swap n’ Sell + $5 Flex Start – Birch Point DGC & Parking Lot (non-sanctioned)
May 27The Spring Huck Off – Season Opener! – (non-sanctioned)
June 10The Ace Run Classic – Birch Point DGC – (Ace Race-style event for any skill level)
July 1Canada Day Doubles – Birch Point DGC – (non-sanctioned)
July 8-9 The Sleeping Giant Open – Birch Point DGC & Bayview DGC – (PDGA-sanctioned C-Tier)
Aug 4-7The Canadian National Disc Golf Championships
Aug 19 The Right Deadly – Birch Point DGC – (non-sanctioned)
Sept 2The Night Deadly – Birch Point DGC – (non-sanctioned)
Sept 16The Fall Disc Golf Swap n’ Sell + $5 Flex Start – Birch Point DGC & Parking Lot (non-sanctioned)
Sept 30- Oct 1The Flying Fall Fiasco – Birch Point DGC – (PDGA-sanctioned C-Tier)

**Some events could be subject to change so please see back from time to time – for additional information, please join the Birch Point Disc Golf Facebook Group**

Stay tuned for more event announcements in 2023 incl: Pro Clinics, pop-up flex events and of course ALL information for Canadian Nationals 2023. All Events will have their own individual event pages as more information becomes available

**Please remember that ALL events except for the Ace Run Classic use the official PDGA rules. It is the responsibility of all players to know at very least the basic rules and etiquette of the game before playing in a competitive event of any level. Anyone with any questions on how to choose your division of play, the rules/course etiquette can find many resources on our website and many others or simply reach out to us before the event. We are here to help!**

Coming Spring 2023: The Lappe Nordic Center DGC

Lappe Nordic Center would like to announce that they have committed to the installation of an 18-hole disc golf course starting in spring 2022 with the goal of installing more on the property for disc golfers in the future.


It has been a little while since a new course has been designed / installed in the region and with the explosion of the sport locally, the need for more places to play disc golf in Thunder Bay has grown significantly. The need has also grown for a course where disc golfers are more the focus and less of an afterthought. In recent years, traditional golf courses have been a target for disc golf courses but the conversion-style installations often come with established clientele that understandably don’t always wish to share their favourite stomping grounds.

Lappe Nordic Center would like to announce that they have committed to the installation of an 18-hole disc golf course starting in spring 2022 with the goal of installing more on the property for disc golfers in the future. Players that have played disc golf in the states of Minnesota or Wisconsin might find some familiar shots and similarities in the terrain. Rolling hills, fairways that go from very wide to very narrow, open field plays, water carries and a whole lot of up and down. The design for the course has already begun with installation beginning in summer 2022. There is currently no date for completion, these things take time to get right and there is no rush.

Disc golf has been long proven to be the perfect off-season compliment to cross-country/nordic skiing..

Disc golf has been long proven to be the perfect off-season compliment to cross-country / nordic skiing with many courses installed on tracks worldwide successfully. The LNC property is about as perfect as it gets for disc golf in the community as it will provide an experience very different than any course in the region. With many of the Lappe Nordic Center’s tracks being designed for more than one lane of skiing, the width allows for more room for discs to fly freely.

Those looking to sponsor signage, individual holes and other parts of the course whether as a business or individually can reach out to Superior North Disc Golf through this website to be put in touch with the course manager. More news on the impending new course as it becomes available!


Check out the Lappe Nordic Center

Tips Of The Month: June 2021

Our tip of the month for the month of June is a good one. This month, we dedicate our links to teaching players how to buy the right discs for their skill level and needs.

First, before buying discs, players should fully understand what the flight numbers related to each disc mean and how those numbers apply to various skill levels. Many videos explain the flight numbers but we have included a couple of our favourites. After that, we will include links that include the explanation of overstable / understable and how to select the best discs for you!

It’s part of most disc golfer’s journeys to buy many discs that don’t work out but it’s also part of the trial and error process. Just remember, don’t always sell off or trade discs that don’t work out at first as they could very well come in handy down the road when your skill level progresses.

Interview – Nathan Queen

Nathan Queen is an Innova-sponsored disc golfer from Kernersville, North Carolina. He is currently rocking along on the DGPT and PDGA National Tour on his way across the USA and beyond while often doing commentary for next-day rounds on Gatekeeper Media.

Please tell us about your very first round of disc golf. Was it love at first rip or did the sport take some time to settle in?

My first round was around 2002 or 2003 at Carolina Bible Camp in Mocksville NC, a 9 hole pole hole course that was played backwards as well to have a full 18. At that time I was playing baseball and just getting started with motocross so disc golf didn’t take as a favorite right away. 2013 I made a move to New Bern NC and thats when disc golf got hold of me.

Your new tour series Wraith from Innova features easily the coolest stamp I have ever seen on a disc. Can we get the full story of the illustration?

First off, thanks! Im super happy with how they turned out. There wasn’t much to it, I said I wanted to have me with the metal horns up and to have Sadie on there as well. From there the Innova artists created the masterpiece you see.

May be an image of 1 person and smiling

When you choose to listen to music during a round, what sort of stuff makes the playlist for a Nathan Queen practice round?

I will usually shuffle play the music on my phone, mainly metal along the lines of Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Parkway Drive mixed with some things like Sum 41 and Alien Ant Farm.

It’s been noted several times that you are quite the metalhead, as a fellow brother of metal, I have to ask, which other players on tour share your love for the heavy stuff?

I’m sure there are more but the first 3 that come to mind are Greg Barsby, Trevor Harbolt and Brian Earhart.

No photo description available.
Ph: David Weaver

The situation: you are standing at hole #1 of the most difficult course you have ever played for a single-disc challenge. What disc are you pulling from the bag for battle?

Being a wooded player, I’ll take most difficult and its a tough wooded course. I’d pick a Star TL3 to carve up lines left and right!

Many of your peers list you as one of the best woods golfers in the world, can we get the Nathan Queen Top 5 tips for playing on tightly wooded courses?

  • Disc down.     
  • Slow down/smooth motions.     
  • Don’t aim at trees, aim inside/outside of trees.     
  • Vizualize the flight you want before release.     
  • Be confident in your decision throughout your entire throw.

James Conrad is known throughout the disc golf universe for his luxurious long hair but do you feel guys like you and Chris Clemons should be getting more props for your locks?

I’ll give that to James and Chris on the hair, theirs is a bit fluffier than mine.

Your significant other; Rebecca Cox, is one of the brightest stars in the FPO division, how competitive do your practice rounds get when you guys are on the course together?

Not at all really, neither of us keep score during practice rounds so we’re just out there throwing good shots!

No photo description available.

Those watching pro coverage have likely heard your voice in the play by play of many a pro tour round on Gatekeeper Pro. I once read a comment that called you “the smoothest top shelf whiskey in disc golf commentary”. How does one take a compliment like that?

I hadn’t read that one haha. People get excited about a good smooth whiskey and usually look for some more. Pretty cool comparison to me!

If there is a silver lining in the nightmarish run of COVID-19, it’s that disc golf has grown a lot in popularity and has also helped a lot of people take care of their mental health. With how hard the pandemic hit the 2020 tour season, was it hard to maintain the “happy place” on the course?

Luckily the the disc golf community is a great one and I was able to meet new friends and continue to play for the first big shutdown. Once tournaments started back up it really felt better the be out there competing again, so happiness wasn’t a big issue for me during those rounds.

2021 on the other hand has seen the PDGA and DGPT come out swinging in a big way. Is it 100% excitement to have crowds back and a full tour schedule or is there a small % of caution still preventing total enjoyment of the new season?

100% excitement to have a full touring season again! I get to play in at least 4 new states this year and its always awesome to have some crowds back around to watch.

No photo description available.

The support between competitors even at the highest level of disc golf is undeniably positive most of the time. Does that atmosphere make playing at that level a little less pressure-filled?

I don’t think so, there are more good cards than bad for sure but the pressure on me comes from myself, not the ones around me.

What advice could you give to newer players looking to become a complete / well rounded / versatile player like yourself?

When first getting started use slower, straighter discs like mako3s and leopards. These will help you learn to control a straighter flight which will transfer into better hyzers and anhyzers.

We would like to thank Nathan sincerely for his time and wish him nothing but the best results and better memories on tour in the future. To support Nathan, those interested can check out his signature tour series Innova Wraith at your nearest Innova dealer and follow him all on Instagram HERE!

How to play SAFARI / Object Golf!

Boulevard lake and lph trail Walk - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada | Pacer

During COVID times, many people have been forced to basically put their hobbies on hold indefinitely. Many sports and other hobbies have been cancelled, postponed, moved, bumped or just outright banned. Disc golfers have been lucky enough to not be overly affected by the many levels of covid restrictions placed on communities but for those that are faced with course closures, there’s another way.

Disc golf’s beginnings in Thunder Bay and actually the beginnings of the sport in general come from something we call object golf. This is a way of playing disc golf that does not require baskets where instead of the usual disc catching apparatuses that we all know and love, disc are instead thrown at an object like a tree, shrub, stump, rock and so on.

The targeted object can be chosen in the moment by the player(s) or predetermined in the form of mapped out course. In fact, our very own disc golf hot spot; Birch Point DGC was once such a course. In BP’s early stages, a small group of players spent nearly two years throwing at marks on trees and / or items fixed to trees before the course installed their current disc catchers.

Have you ever been hiking or walking and had your attention taken away by an irresistible line? Well if you bring a putter or mid range, you can stop to take the time to find out if it’s really as fun as it looks. Bringing a disc on hikes or walks can turn into a fun mobile game of object golf in the right spots. Opportunities to throw are all around us, a basket is only a formality.

THE 10 BEST Parks & Nature Attractions in Thunder Bay - Tripadvisor

As always, pedestrian safety and common sense are the first and foremost factor. Remember, the people that use the pathways around Birch Point DGC can at times be unaware of the flying discs in the sky around the park so if you are in an area that does not normally play host to disc golf, the pedestrians have the utmost right of way. Be safe, never throw blind shots and be aware of what’s ahead if you are throwing.

Another amazing disc golf investment for every player is a traveler-style / portable basket. Many companies make these but you get what you pay for so cheaping out isn’t really advised. Good news is that even the best traveler baskets are still pretty affordable so getting something durable won’t cost too much. Having a basket like this to fold up into a tent-style bag is the perfect addition to any camping / road trip because it makes any space into a disc golf space in about 15 seconds of set up time. A good way to work this is to bring one portable and have everyone take turns running out to set the basket’s position. Let’s be honest, throwing at a basket can make the experience a bit more enriching for all and having one always makes a safari course an option.

We want to be clear about which areas are ok for object golf and which might be better off left alone. Choosing popular hiking and walking spots to let discs rips is not a recipe for a good time for anyone, in fact, it could make for an injury and a poor public perception of the sport. When choosing your object golf hideaways, ensure that if you are sharing the space with others that their safety is not compromised at any point. Is your throw going towards another path? What is behind that bush you are aiming at? Ask yourself, “is this shot safe?”. If you don’t know, don’t throw. It’s imperative to avoid areas that are constantly congested like the Cascades, Trowbridge and other popular walking spots as there is just too much possibility for danger, even for putt / approach discs.

Object golf courses that have been laid out, staked or flagged have likely taken public safety into concern but that does not mean players can throw as they normally would on an established course. In new areas, players need to be hyper-vigilant about each and every throw that leaves their hand. As always, if anyone is near by, just wait, wait and wait some more. This was likely their space first.

Remember, disc golf does not end because the course is closed. Field practice, putting practice and object golf can happen in a huge variety of beautiful places in our region with little to no issue. General purpose public spaces exist in every community, using these spaces in our community to practice disc golf has been given the OK. Finding open spaces for practice is always handy whether the courses are closed or not as it provides a low pressure way to work on a skill set.

Where will you choose for your next object golf location?

Interview – Luke Humphries

Luke Humphries is an American disc golfer from Wichita Kansas. He is currently touring on the DGPT and PDGA National tours while also being the host for the very popular OTB Skins! He won Am Worlds in 2018, took home the PDGA’s Rookie Of The Year honours in 2019 and currently throws for Prodigy and Tree Love Disc Golf.

To get it started, can you tell us about the day you were introduced to disc golf? Was it instant addiction or did it take time to settle in?

Trey Thompson, my neighbor in Wichita Kansas at the time, and already avid disc golfer asked me to go with him. I was attending WSU at the time, and had just gotten my dog Hogan from the humane society. I’d logged hundreds of hours playing casual catch over my 25 years, but hadn’t developed the spin you need to keep a disc going. I’m pretty sure I was garbage, and probably shared my less than complimentary opinions of disc golf outloud a time too many, but it eventually turned into a full blown addiction. Having a golf background made some of the mental stuff and decision making come a little easier.

Hosting OTB Skins has you side by side many of the best players on earth at their most aggressive (ex: Kevin Jones’ now famous Maple Hill ace), do the things these players do ever cease to amaze you?

Honestly, no, I’m literally blown away every single skins. It could be Calvin, Garret, Kev, James… you name it, something absolutely preposterous is gonna go down. Drews 3 on #12 at Northwoods, or Kevs 2 on #1 at Fox Run… The format sets the players up to wow us, and I don’t see a day when that stops.

May be an image of 4 people, people standing, dog, outerwear and grass
Luke & Hogan w/Catrina Allen, Kevin Jones and Cale Leiviska

You won the PDGA’s rookie of the year in 2019, where does that sit on your list of career accomplishments and can you share a few other tops of that list?

It’s top 5 i think. It’s up there, but I think more important to me that year was winning the VPO. Capturing that win secured the Rookie standings, but holding it together for 27 holes that final round in front of the home crowd stands above it. Winning am worlds comes it near the top as well. That was a special week, in a disc golf Mecca. My number 1 career accomplishment is still winning the Junior Olympics in High Jump back in 7th grade. I’d been jumping over my height since 5th grade, and beat kids over a foot taller than me that day.

As odd as it might seem to some, your dog Hogan is actually one of the most recognizable faces in disc golf, can you also share what you feel might be the best moments of his career if he could pick?

Haha what a great question. I think retrieving Uli’s floating disc out of the water on camera during the Idlewild skins was one of his best moments for sure. He knew what we wanted, and delivered. Another truly amazing feat was climbing the Hellbrook trail to the top of Mt. Mansfield beside his buddies Conrad, Perkins, Mcbride and others. It’s the hardest path, to the tallest mountain in Vermont, and he did some BEAST things that day

No photo description available.
Hogan himself

You have played several of the world’s most beautiful wooded courses. Would you so kind as to pass along your top three tips for players doing most of their throwing in the trees?

Best tip I can give you in the woods would be to commit. Last second guiding, or directing never works. See the line, and throw it like you would any other shot. The best scrambling tip I can give it to really work that forehand approach game. Practice long straddles, and high flexing angles. Saving pars are more important than getting birdies sometimes.

Even for players with a full compliment of shots at their disposal, there always seems to be that one type of shot they really hate doing. What shot did we just describe for Luke Humphries?

For sure a grenade. It just feels bad. There are times when I know it would be the best option, but how do you practice something that makes you want to cry? lol It’s either that, or the overhand shots. I definitely need to practice those more.

Your trademark random backflips while holding a GoPro are always entertaining to see. Has there ever been a time where one went pretty wrong?

The backflips have all gone according to plan so far on film. knocks on wood Little lucky maybe, but I’ve been doing them since I was 10 or something, so longer than half these kids have even been alive. I’ve got it pretty dialed.

May be an image of 3 people

Every disc golfer should have a Swiss army knife / utility player type disc to lean on in various situations. What disc is that in your bag and what makes it such?

Gotta be the A3. It’s fastly become one of Prodigy’s best selling discs, and for good reason. It’s very torque resistant, and holds lines well, with fade at the end. For both forehands, and backhands, I feel like I can put one close from anywhere inside 325′

You are a pretty well known rock hound / rock & stone collector and enthusiast. What regions are your favourites for rock & mineral exploration and what regions would you like to dig into in the future?

Rocks definitely play a big part in my life, and the places I travel to. Arkansas is one of my favorites, partly because I have roots there, and partly because minerals abound! One of my favorite places to rockhound is in Oregon. Their agates and chalcedony along the west coast makes for some of the best picking i’ve ever done. I’ve been to a few places in Northeast Canada, but would love to explore there more. Getting to Australia and finding my future wife a fat Aquamarine is the real dream! haha

Luke Humphries Wichita, KS | 69424

Every disc golfer has that moment where they find the very first disc that they can throw really well. Do you recall what disc that was for you as newer player?

I do. It was a Buzz. I mentioned that I had a catch frisbee background, so the midrange definitely came easier to me. Both spin wise, and grip wise. I was given one early on, and could throw it on the straightest lines of any disc I had. It could have been a Roc, or an M2, but there’s something to be said for starting with a Mid, and figuring out how to spin the disc.

As both a professional player and an experienced tournament director, what do you think can be done to alleviate some of the overwhelming response to tournament registrations worldwide?

We’re at a fantastic point in our sport. It’s growing like crazy! The problem we see with registration, is similar to the problem we see with plastic shortages. I think it’s safe to say, our sport doubled in the past year. It’ll take a few more months to balance out the stock/registration issues, but evetually the waters will calm, and we’ll really begin blowing the doors off this thing. I expect that in the next 2 years, disc golf doubles again, the courses double, the TD’s double, that budgets for the new courses going in doubles! Ya, there’s speedbumps along the way, but look at where we’re headed!!


We would love to thank Luke for his time as he is one of the busier guys in the disc golf universe. Luke has all kinds of great content across various social media platforms from his own disc golf related content to even his dog Hogan having his own really cute IG. Those that have yet to experience the fun of OTB skins please do jump in for a great time! Check it all out below!

Instagram / YouTube / Hogan’s IG

Let’s Talk Disc Golf Vacations

Picture of an island basket

Can we talk about vacations? Is that even allowed yet? Well if YouTube is playing non-stop commercials pushing tourism to pretty much every country and resort on earth, I think it should be ok for us to have a talk about it right? After all, when the pandemic finally comes to a close, with everyone being locked in place for so long, the boom in travel is sure to be truly massive.

It might surprise some to know that our niche little hobby sport is very popular in many parts of the world. North America and Scandinavia feature likely the bulk of the world’s best disc golf but the sport has made an impression in over 40 countries globally. This gives the plastic throwing lovers of the world a lot of potential destinations.

Hillcrest Farms
in PEI

Sure, golf vacations have been huge business for decades but let’s test a theory about disc golf vs. ball golf for a second. Ask any professional ball golf enthusiast and it’s likely that they’ll have a wide selection of golf courses around the world that they would die to play a round of 18 holes on. Whether Pebble Beach, Augusta, Whistling Straits, The Royal County Down or any number of the most beautiful properties, there are many dream courses out there but there’s a catch.

Many go on vacations for the purpose of playing the world’s prestigious golf courses but the reality is, most of the world’s best spots are country clubs that are not the slightest bit open to the public and never will be. The top-level links that offer public bookings feature green fees that average anywhere from $350-700USD for a single round (cart not included) and that’s if you have booked ahead by what could be a year or more.

Now let’s go to disc golf for to compare. When we take the world Top 5 highest-rated disc golf courses according to UDISC and have a look at the pricing, the range is just a tiny bit more manageable for the average Joe at a whopping $8-15USD. Even better, disc golfers can simply stroll in with no membership and rarely even the need to book a tee off time (though we’ve read it is suggested at Maple Hill on weekends). In fact, Canada’s own John Houck-designed Hillcrest Farms in PEI is a destination for players from all over the world on a regular basis! Did you know PEI was a disc golf hot spot? Check out the video below!

World's Best Disc Golf Courses 2021: #1-#100
Maple Hill in Massachusetts

A 100% disc golf vacation is obviously not in the cards for some but there’s another option. Even if you and your family or friends etc are going on just a general vacation when traveling becomes advised again, always bring your discs! Check out Disc Golf Course Review for a list of all courses in whatever area(s) and in many cases, there will likely be an assortment of courses on the way to and in the area. If so, bringing even a small staple selection of discs and some proper clothing to add another fun activity to the trip as a whole is a great idea.

For those in the Thunder Bay region, disc golf vacations to some of the best courses on the planet are easier and closer than you might think..

For those in the Thunder Bay region, disc golf vacations to some of the best courses on the planet are easier and closer than you might think. Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Dakotas and other nearby states just happen to be some of the world’s best disc golf destinations. In fact, in just a 3hr drive south, local players will find 20+ courses between Thunder Bay and Duluth MN. For a tonne more on MN and WI trips, please see our full post on traveling to the beautiful states right HERE.

We recommend that before visiting a new area with new courses and other potentially unexpected factors, players look for a forum, Facebook group or community hub for disc golfers. Getting the low down from locals from the area is always helpful before going on a trip to play it. Additionally, touching base with a local representative ahead of time can help booking accommodations, food options and even arranging for a local course guide or two. Local course guides can make your first rounds on a new course a lot less of a question mark overall.

European Open Preview: Taming The Beast | Ultiworld Disc Golf
The Beast in Finland

We hope more players will have the opportunity to play more courses worldwide through vacations and roadtrips when it is safe to seek out new travels. Whether it’s over seas to Scandinavia to play The Beast in Finland or just a few hours away to Dryden to play the wonderful Anderson’s Homestead course, there’s disc golf in many places you may not expect.

We will leave you with a documentary done about the incredible disc golf courses and communities waiting for all of us around just our own country. Canada has some of the world’s best nature to experience so it’s not much of a stretch that our beautiful home plays host to so many great courses.

Interview – Thomas Gilbert

Thomas Gilbert is a Canadian Disc Golfer currently touring on the DGPT and PDGA National Tour. Thomas was Innova-sponsored for quite some time but has found a new and terrific home with new sponsor; Prodigy Discs. His content can be found in live coverage rounds, tutorials and more across various YouTube channels like his own, Jomez Pro, Gatekeeper Media, GKPro, True North Disc Golf and others.

Did you have a sports background prior to disc golf?

Growing up I played a ton of sports. I was on all kinds of school sports teams such as cross country, volleyball, soccer, swimming, badminton, tennis, track and Field, baseball, and of course Ultimate Frisbee.

Do you recall what course or even the hole you were on when you fell in love with disc golf? Can you tell us about when that happened?

I can remember it was hole 15 at ET Seton disc golf course, Henrik Londen showed me how to do a proper reach back and I then proceeded to throw the disc twice as far as I ever had before, and I was hooked.

What are the Thomas Gilbert top three tips for players doing most of their throwing on wooded courses?

  1. Know your discs stability 
  2. Throw the shots that best shape the gap
  3. Be confident in you ability to execute the shot

You can throw well over 600ft at will with a lot of discs but, everyone has that first disc that really started to make distance more exciting. Which disc was that for you as a newer player?

Blizzard destroyers used to bomb for me! 

Where does accuracy come into play when it comes to learning how to throw further?

I think it’s much easier to learn how to throw far first and then learn to narrow down the accuracy. If you fine tune your whole form first that will make it harder to change the muscle memory to throw farther. 

You had advice from some of the biggest names in disc golf on how to switch manufacturers when you switched from Innova to Prodigy earlier this year. What would you say was one challenge that you didn’t see coming in the process even after all the support?

Trying to find some of the discs that were necessary for my arm speed and for the shots that these pros were throwing.

Many current and former Prodigy athletes also reached out to you with discs at the time of the move, can you share some of the best of the bunch and whom they came from?

Chris Dickerson reached out really early to give me a bunch of early run D1’s and D2’s, Kevin Jones also gave me a bunch of good runs of his drivers, Jeremy Koling gave me what he had left of his tournament bag from when he was with prodigy, and several other pros gave a few discs here and there from their backups.

You have likely played a high number of Canada’s disc golf courses from the most beautiful to the average park and beyond. Can you give us your top three courses Canada-wide but also a true underrated hidden gem?

May be an image of 2 people, people standing, outerwear and tree
Thomas with pint-sized pro; Nikko Forbes

I would say Canada’s top three courses are Hillcrest Farms in PEI, Raptors Knoll in BC, and Project 15 in Ontario. A hidden gem is probably going to be Dad‘s of Muskoka, it’s a really fun pitch and putt course that is really pretty. 

You play every event you play with the best players on the planet and some of the best all-time, is it inevitable that the form and technique between world-class players with influence each other?

Definitely, I would say that a lot of pros, especially up and comers, have molded their form of some of the legendary players of the sport. We can all see something that a certain player does that works really well and test out whether that form can possibly work with our throws.

I am sure some Canadian disc golfer might want to know..Are there any notable hockey fans across the PDGA field?

Any pros from Minnesota and Massachusetts.

Five things you miss the most about Canada while touring the US and Europe most of the year?

I miss the summer weather, my local disc golf friends, my family, free healthcare, and home cooked meals! 

Many Canadians go on disc golf vacations and enjoy playing outside of Canada. What three parts of the world should Canadians consider visiting for the area’s disc golf and tourist attractions when it becomes safe to travel again?

I would highly recommend going to Portland, OR for amazing amazing courses they have, Santa Cruz is a really fun area to play disc golf and hang out, and finally the dream location would be in Nokia, Finland to play The Beast and Tampere disc golf park. 

Ready to rip!

Every disc golfer needs a swiss army knife / jack of all trades type disc. Which disc in your bag has that job currently and what flight characteristics make for a good disc for this slot in general?

The FX2 has been my utility disc so far with Prodigy, I can use it for forehands backhands skip shots. 

Looking past the COVID-19 struggles, do you feel the sport will continue to grow when the world and it’s regular activities resume? If so, how do you feel TDs should tackle the boom in demand for tournaments?

I think disc golf will continue to grow a tonne once the pandemic is over. I think this growth has gotten the ball rolling and more and more players will discover the sport from the players that have this past year and a half. I think TDs will need to tackle the boom of demand by opening up their events to tee times or three day weekends to increase field sizes. 

We want to humbly thank Thomas for his time! Be sure to follow him on the following social media links! YouTube, Facebook, Instagram! Prodigy Disc Golf