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Am I ready for a tournament?

Almost every disc golf community has tournaments and / or events taking place several times every year. These events exist for a variety of reasons from raising money for course maintenance to giving the community fun reasons to gather and more. Events range from… Continue Reading “Am I ready for a tournament?”

New PDGA Rules For 2022 – MUST READ!

The rules of disc golf change slightly or are at least reworded here and there more often than most might think so it is always a good idea to have a look on the PDGA page every year to stay informed. Usually these changes… Continue Reading “New PDGA Rules For 2022 – MUST READ!”

Tips Of The Month: June 2021

Our tip of the month for the month of June is a good one. This month, we dedicate our links to teaching players how to buy the right discs for their skill level and needs. First, before buying discs, players should fully understand what… Continue Reading “Tips Of The Month: June 2021”

How to play SAFARI / Object Golf!

During COVID times, many people have been forced to basically put their hobbies on hold indefinitely. Many sports and other hobbies have been cancelled, postponed, moved, bumped or just outright banned. Disc golfers have been lucky enough to not be overly affected by the… Continue Reading “How to play SAFARI / Object Golf!”

Let’s Talk Disc Golf Vacations

Picture of an island basket

Can we talk about vacations? Is that even allowed yet? Well if YouTube is playing non-stop commercials pushing tourism to pretty much every country and resort on earth, I think it should be ok for us to have a talk about it right?

SNDG Social media?

These days, the world seems to operate through social media but websites are still a crucial part of the internet world. Chasing information down on various social media platforms can be a task, especially now with a building population trying to unplug themselves from… Continue Reading “SNDG Social media?”

Experience Minnesota & Wisconsin Disc Golf

Thunder Bay has four very nice courses for local players to choose from but there comes a time for most disc golfers when curiosity starts to build about what sort of courses might exist outside of their community. It’s not so much about being… Continue Reading “Experience Minnesota & Wisconsin Disc Golf”

What Is Disc Golf Etiquette?

Disc golf if one of the most relaxed sports out there to play in each and every way. Part of what gives the sport that allure is the etiquette and conduct involved that have been written into the sport from the beginning. Learning the… Continue Reading “What Is Disc Golf Etiquette?”

Should you register for the PDGA?

The benefits of a PDGA membership can be endless for some but nearly worthless for others. The “Professional” in the name alone can tend to be a bit misunderstood. Everyone at any level of skill is welcome to be a part of the PDGA… Continue Reading “Should you register for the PDGA?”

Have You Watched Pro Coverage?

Every sport has a top level no matter how recreational the sport might seem and at the highest level of any sport, there are players that do things that are thought of as impossible to most of us. A level that enthusiasts and fans… Continue Reading “Have You Watched Pro Coverage?”