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Tips Of The Month: May 2021

Welcome to the very first tips of the month post! Each week we will select a few videos from the world of YouTube that all point towards one specific skill or a few relatable skills. We hope that players can learn new shots, techniques… Continue Reading “Tips Of The Month: May 2021”

How to choose your division

With more events happening in the region, many players will find themselves having to choose between divisions during the registration process. For many players, choosing a division involves a fair bit of thought, for some however, the decision is simple. Choosing the best division… Continue Reading “How to choose your division”

Flex Start Events Explained

The 2021 disc golf season is going to not only break but it will completely shatter any previous year for disc golf events. One of the main new additions will be flex starts. Flex start tournaments have become increasingly more and more popular each… Continue Reading “Flex Start Events Explained”