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Experience Minnesota & Wisconsin Disc Golf

Thunder Bay has four very nice courses for local players to choose from but there comes a time for most disc golfers when curiosity starts to build about what sort of courses might exist outside of their community. It’s not so much about being… Continue Reading “Experience Minnesota & Wisconsin Disc Golf”

What Is Disc Golf Etiquette?

Disc golf if one of the most relaxed sports out there to play in each and every way. Part of what gives the sport that allure is the etiquette and conduct involved that have been written into the sport from the beginning. Learning the… Continue Reading “What Is Disc Golf Etiquette?”

Interview – Kat Mertsch

Kat Mertsch is an American FPO player competing on the DGPT and PDGA National Tour. Kat is currently sponsored by Innova and has also been part of the Dynamic Discs roster in the past. She won the PDGA’s rookie of the year in 2020… Continue Reading “Interview – Kat Mertsch”

Should you register for the PDGA?

The benefits of a PDGA membership can be endless for some but nearly worthless for others. The “Professional” in the name alone can tend to be a bit misunderstood. Everyone at any level of skill is welcome to be a part of the PDGA… Continue Reading “Should you register for the PDGA?”

Have You Watched Pro Coverage?

Every sport has a top level no matter how recreational the sport might seem and at the highest level of any sport, there are players that do things that are thought of as impossible to most of us. A level that enthusiasts and fans… Continue Reading “Have You Watched Pro Coverage?”

How to choose your division

With more events happening in the region, many players will find themselves having to choose between divisions during the registration process. For many players, choosing a division involves a fair bit of thought, for some however, the decision is simple. Choosing the best division… Continue Reading “How to choose your division”

Flex Start Events Explained

The 2021 disc golf season is going to not only break but it will completely shatter any previous year for disc golf events. One of the main new additions will be flex starts. Flex start tournaments have become increasingly more and more popular each… Continue Reading “Flex Start Events Explained”

Course Preview: Birch Point Disc Golf Course

City: Thunder Bay ON Established: 2010 Price: Free Teepads: Concrete (long) / Grass (short) Course Designers: Andrew Bopp, Phil Jamieson, Juan Baztarrica Signature Hole(s): #14 / #15 Intro To put it into only a few words; In the opinion of many, the Birch Point… Continue Reading “Course Preview: Birch Point Disc Golf Course”

Course Preview: Bayview DGC

Bayview DGC is a gorgeous 18-hole course located on Bayview Golf Course in Pass Lake Ontario just 20 mins from Thunder Bay.