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Superior North Disc Golf!

Hello and good day to all current and prospective disc golfers out there! We have started this blog page for the purpose of disc golf promotion and information in Northwestern Ontario. Whether you are a disc golfer that lives in the region, a player planning to come here for an event or perhaps just passing through looking for a place to play / people to play with, this is the place to be!

Who are we? We are a small, experienced and dedicated collective of disc golfers from Thunder Bay focused on growing the sport, informing the public about the sport, organizing sanctioned and non-sanctioned events and a lot more in our area.

The goal here is a one-stop shop for all disc golf related information in our area. There will be giveaways, contests, interviews with top professionals, links to tips for players, interest pieces written by our staff and a lot more. We aim to grow with the community and always be here to provide a clear and accessible way for anyone to quickly find the information they need with ease.

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